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  • What is
    GOtek is a digital portal that helps you to compare, choose and buy Islamic Vehicle Insurance (Takaful) together with personalise service to renew and deliver road tax to your doorstep, a very convenient, simple, secure and reliable service that saves your time and money. Most important is we only provide you with Syariah Compliance insurance quotations from all Motor Takaful Companies.
  • How is GOtek different from other Insurances/Takaful comparative providers?
    How do you like to compare your quotations? In one page or multiple pages? Do you like scrolling up and down to compare the figures? I guess not! We make comparison easy and friendly, in only one simple page. In a few easy clicks, your insurance is ready and renewed, and your road tax will be delivered to you as fast as the next working day.
  • Do you have a mix of Syariah and non-Syariah products?
    We only provide you with Syariah compliance insurance (i.e. Takaful) to ensure you are protected here (on earth) and in here-after.
  • How do I renew my insurance with GOtek?
    Head over to You will be directed to the website ( Portal). You will see a simple form which requires you to provide the necessary information, to ensure you get your No-Claim Discount and the correct premium amount. Within minutes, you will receive a summary of quotations from all the Takaful companies, via WhatsApp and eMail. Make your choice, pay online, and an ePolicy (eCertificate) together with our Official Receipt will be sent to tour eMail and Whatsapp. Your purchase is complete and your road tax is on its way to you.
  • Can I renew my road tax with GOtek?
    Of course, you can! This is our privilege service, to save your time and money. We will deliver it straight to your doorstep -- be it office or home. Just make sure you click the option to renew your road tax when renewing your vehicle takaful.
  • My vehicle is currently covered by another insurance or Takaful company. Can I change to a different Takaful company and will I lose my No-Claim Discount percentage (NCD)?
    Yes, you are free to choose your preferred Takaful company with and you will not lose your NCD. The same percentage will automatically be transferred to your selected Takaful company.
  • Can I renew my e-hailing insurance with
    Yes, you can. Please renew at We are happy to serve you.
  • What kind of vehicles are accepted for Takaful renewal via GOtek portal?
    Private, NGO, and Company vehicle Commercial vehicles, Food Trucks (C-permit vehicles only) School bus However, the acceptance of non-standard vehicles such as Supercars, cars with big engine capacity, and performance cars are subject to Takaful Companies’ approval and you will be notified if it is not accepted/approved.
  • Do I need to print my Registration Card?
    No, no, no! 🙅‍♀️ We make things easy for you unless your vehicle's identity or particulars are not updated in centralised insurance database 👍.
  • What are the benefits of renewing my vehicle insurance/takaful at GOtek?
    Besides saving your time and money, GOtek customers are also eligible for services and benefits offered Gby and Takaful companies such as: ✅ 24 hour Emergency Assistance ✅ Towing Truck Service ✅ Personal Accident Takaful (depending on the company) ✅ Transfer Assistance, Cancellation, NCD Review (by GOtek) ✅ Insurance Cancellation & Extension Assistance (by GOtek) ✅ Accident, damage, traffic offense, blacklist Advisory Service (by GOtek) ✅ Broken Windscreen and Accident Claim Service (by GOtek) ✅ Search for the nearest panel workshop (by GOtek) ✅ Buying and Selling Advisory Services So, why wait? Level up with
  • Is it safe to renew my road tax online?
    Yes, it is safe and secure. Your payment is processed by a licensed payment gateway provider as required under Section 11 of the FSA and Section 11 of the IFSA which is regulated and governed by Bank Negara Malaysia. Currently our payment gateway providers are Billplz and SenangPay.
  • How do I know if my transaction was successful?
    Every successful transaction will be issued with an e-receipt and e-policy via email. If there are any matters or doubts about this service, you may contact our officers for assistance at 03-55235063 or email us at:
  • What are the types of payment options are available?
    There are 2 types of payment options available for this service: Online Credit/Debit card – Visa or MasterCard. Online Banking – access from our website to your bank for the online transaction via Bank Negara Malaysia approved payment gateway (FPX).
  • Can I renew my motor takaful and road tax if I have outstanding traffic summonses?
    You can renew your vehicle insurance regardless of any outstanding traffic summonses. However, for road tax renewal, it is necessary for you to make payment for all your outstanding traffic offenses recorded before renewal. Please check your summonses status with PDRM and JPJ prior to renewing your vehicle insurance and road tax, for a seamless renewal process altogether. Any cancellation of insurance purchase may take up to 7 days to refund due to the requirement of verification and documentation.
  • Can I settle my traffic summonses online?
    Yes. There are a few options for you to pay your summonses. You must check with JPJ and PDRM online portal: PDRM: JPJ:
  • How will I receive my road tax after I have completed my payment?
    Depending on your location, your road tax will be sent by our own delivery personnels, Poslaju or other reliable delivery/courier services within 1-5 days depending on your location and if JPJ does not face any operational problems.
  • Where can I view my payment transaction?
    Your payment transaction is printed on the official receipt emailed to immediately after your payment is success.
  • What are the types of charges and payments involved for the takaful renewal?
    The charges and payments involved are: Vehicle Insurance premium Road tax fee Delivery and Service charges SST and Stamp Duty At the moment we do not charge any other service fees unless it is imposed by the government in the future.
  • What happens if my payment is rejected?
    We will contact you to provide assistance and you can opt for direct bank-in. If it still fails, your renewal will be cancelled without any service charge.
  • Who can I contact for assistance?
    For matters regarding Takaful and GOTek portal: +603-55235063 (from 9am to 5.30am Monday To Friday) or via Whatsapp or email us at: (24/7). For accidents/breakdown, road assistance, you may call our 24-hour Emergency Assistance staff contact number, also available on your policy and car sticker provided by us: Etiqa Takaful: 1-800-88-6491 Takaful Ikhlas: 1-800-88-1186 Takaful Malaysia: 1-800-88-8788 Zurich Takaful: 1-300-88-6222
  • If my car is stolen, do I get my full sum covered (insured)?"
    Claims will be based on the present market value of the vehicle. Therefore, our quotation will take the lowest sum covered (insured) approved by respective Takaful company for each car model to ensure you can get the lowest premium.
  • Do you provide a replacement car while my car is in the workshop?
    No, but you can claim for ‘Lost of Use’ from the other party, in the case of a Third Party Claim.
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